The programme board & The REFERENCE GROUP

The responsibilities of the programme board was to make decisions of strategic significance for the programme, to monitor the research carried out and to ensure that the results were put to use by the intended users.The program was further managed through the reference group, consisting of representatives for all main stakeholders, and the program director. 

Members of the Programme Board

Catarina Andersson Forsman (Chair)
Medical Products Agency (Director-General)


Åke Bergman
Stockholm University, the Department of Environmental Chemistry (Professor)


Nina Cromnier
National Chemicals Inspectorate (Director-General)


Mikael Hoffmann

NEPI - Stiftelsen nätverk för läkemedelsepidemiologi (CEO)


Bengt Mattson
Pfizer Health AB (Director Environment, Health and Safety)


Anna Linusson
Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (CEO)


OrganiZations represented in the Reference Group

The Medical Products Agency
The Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control
Blekinge County Council
National Food Administration
The Association for Generic Pharmaceuticals (FGL)
The Swedish Water & Wastewater Association (SWWA)
Ministry of the Environment
Swedish Chemicals Agency
National Coordinator for Social Responsibility in Public Procurement at SKL
The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

LIF - the Research-based Pharmaceutical Industry in Sweden
The Swedish Pharmacy Association
Uppsala University Hospital
Stockholm South General Hospital
The International POPs Elimination Network (IPEN)
Stockholm Water Company
The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management